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the Harpsichord across time and Borders

A multi-national project to produce new works for solo harpsichord, performing them alongside historical works, championing composers from each of England, Ireland and Scotland and focusing on female composers.

Image: Katarzyna Kowalik, our London-based harpsichordist. 

About the Inventions project


In the autumn of 2024 there will be at least one concert in each country: we have confirmed performances in Limerick, Dublin, Aberdeen, Glasgow, Durham and London. Each concert will showcase three new commissions - one from each country - together with a work that inspired or links with the commission. Alongside these, works by other composers from the three countries will be performed, and other works by female composers both historical and contemporary.

Details of each concert will appear here and on our concert pages soon!

There is also an educational aspect to the project: it's not easy writing for the harpsichord! Each performer will give a composition workshop in their country, talking about the fantastic potential of the instrument, and how to get the best out of it, as well as the pitfalls of writing badly for it!

Meet the team:

In each of the three countries, a harpsichord player is paired with a commissioned composer. They will work together to create works that are idiomatic for the instrument; all of the team are high-powered artists, each bringing a wealth of experience to the project.

Above: the Inventions composers (L-R): Lisa Robertson, Evangelia Rigaki, Janet Oates

Below: the Inventions performers (L-R): Tiffany Vong, Yonit Kosovske, Katarzyna Kowalik


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Janet with uke 2023_edited.jpg
Lisa Pic.jpg
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We are delighted and grateful to be supported by Arts Council England, Creative Scotland, The Hope Scott Trust, The Marchus  Trust and the Francis Routh Trust.

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