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Repertoire from 2022

For the second stage of the project, we commissioned two new works, supported by the Ambache Charitable Trust, which promotes female composers: Two Wisdoms by Rhiannon Randle for soprano and lute (2 characterful and brief settings in English of the Old Norse Havanal) and Prism, a dramatic and colourful trio for harpsichord, theorbo and bass viol.

Two new works were written for the project this year: Chateau Bordiau by Dominic McGonigal (an energetic trio for violin, theorbo and gamba) and Five Tree Proverbs by Janet Oates: settings for flexible instrumentation of sayings about trees and growth from around the world.

We were also delighted to receive and perform three arrangements of recent pieces by composers, newly revised for our combination of instruments. A fascinating gem of a song by Suzy Robinson (Les Mystères de l'Epoux), a rich celebration of friendship by Dominic McGonical (You are an alleluia) and Agnus Dei by Susie Vaughan.

Repertoire from 2021

16 pieces were written in 2021 as a result of the Theorbo Today project. 14 were recorded in August, and all 16 were performed and recorded live in November (the audio is better than the video). Each of the links below will take you to information about the piece, its composer, and a recording.

We are keen for the pieces to have a life outside the project. If you are interested in performing any of the works, please contact us or the composer.

If the links below don't work, please click on 'Repertoire' in the top menu, then use the drop-down menu.

Project team

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