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Sub ramis arborum
by Ia Erlandsson

Sub Ramis Arborum (Beneath the Branches of the Trees) takes inspiration from the hidden world covered by those branches, away from the light of sky and the sight from outside. Soprano and theorbo are equals in this piece, both taking turns at expressing the melody and adding colour to each other. This piece explores the theorbo for its qualities to carry the melody, but also its abilities with rhythmic patterns expressing more of drive and force. The lyrics sung by the soprano are in Latin, and they are used as a way to create vocal timbre along with giving the piece a storyline open to interpretation. I.E.

Sub ramis arborum

Oblivio               oblivion

Tenere                to hold

Abscondam       to hide

Absens               absent

Submersum       drowned

Liber                   free

Latere                 to be hidden 

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