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Singing our fire
by Dominic McGonigal

This duet for two sopranos and theorbo, celebrating friendship and the power of music, is a setting of  the purpose-written poem TWO WOMEN SINGING by poet and musician Euan Tait.

Euan says:

"The wonder of the superb musician Janet is, and the fine singers she works with, sparked this work, and the imagery of the spiritual fire of music through all music is the thread of this short text, three great musicians performing together.  In this short piece full of energy, the two singers begin separately, displaying different musical personalities; they then join, luxuriating in very close harmony and dissonance, until they rush headlong, joyously, to finish together".  E.T.

singing our fire

Singing our fire,

Dancing from hand to hand,

Heart to throat escapes,

The music leaping,

Down streets,

Up into the trees,

Making the leaves

The blood of all sounds living,


Euan Tait (2021)

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